I'm Scott from the tech support department of The Band Leader software. We designed this software
to help Band Leaders, managers, and individual entertainers with some of the haunting details that
you from having just as much fun as your band mates.

Tasks like tracking your bookings and the quotes you make to prospects, updating your website schedule, printing contracts,
making song lists, sending promo materials, emailing your fans, and recording who you've paid are all taken care of
with only a few clicks of the mouse. That takes a lot of stress off your plate. I know.

After you've installed the DEMO, simply enter a few names of your band mates, in the Player Setup window,
and you'll be ready to start exploring the features. A user's guide is built in to explain a feature if your stuck,
or you can reach us for help.
YES, there are real people behind the scenes
that don't want to see you having trouble. After all, this is supposed to be easy.

Please, download and install our limited access version and play around with it a little.
Within minutes you'll see how easy it will be to stay on top of the game.
You are given 15 free sessions, after which you can upgrade to the Standard
version without losing any of the data you've entered.

To get your free download just click on the blue Band Leader logo above
and type in the information we request.

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