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Import Service module
(Note: The same version of the Import service module runs on systems in the USA,
Australia, Belize, Canada, Carribean, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Philippines,
Trinidad, United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe.

Already own a gig tracking software and wish to switch to The Band Leader ?

The Band Leader can import data from other systems. It requires that the data be in the format of an ASCII text file with data elements separated by the comma character (commonly known as a comma-delimited file). If your not sure, please email our support department and we'll run you through a couple exercises to determine if you can produce this file on your own. If you can then the Import Service module can be utiliized to define your import file and actually stack your new Band Leader databases. The Import Service module is sold separately.

If you can't produce the import file format mentioned above, you still have an option. We can offer our services to help extract information from reports run from your other system. This service is not free, however it is not expensive either. If you have alot of data you might be saving time and money by having us lend a helping hand. Click the Email button above to inquire about procedures and charges.