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Point of Sale Service Module (available separately)
(Note: The same version of the Point of Sale module runs on systems in the USA,
Australia, Belize, Canada, Carribean, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Philippines,
Trinidad, United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe.

The Point Of Sale service module is a very simple, yet powerful, tool to use at the gig to record sales of merchandise. The main interface resembles a cash register displaying items purchased, total due from customer, sales tax, and their change (if any). It allows up to five different sellers to combine their items into one large sale. The user simply selects an item to be sold and clicks the appropriate seller button. Inventories and Sales Totals can be tracked and reports provide this information instantly. Item prices and inventory data is protected by passwords. A Sales Event continues until you Start a New Sale regardless of how many times you turn off and on your computer.

(ScreenShot may look distorted due to the reduction process. Click on the image to see it full size)

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