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What are people saying about The Band Leader software...

"This program is GREAT!  I've tried setting up (contract) templates in quicken, money, word, etc. to no avail.  This works perfectly!" Jason Leroy
Scarlet Runner
"This is the first software I've found that's really designed with the musician in mind.
I purchased it to review it for my studio clients who asked if there was any
software they could use to track gigs and expenses. The Band Leader does much
more and the personal support you get is more than worth the cost.
It is so
flexible, in fact, that I use it in the studio to track studio musicians,
groups & expenses. It also provides a great calender that we use for
scheduling studio time. While it works great for the studio, if you're
a giging musician you're going to love how much time it saves you.
Glenn Scofield
Clear Gravy recording studios
"Thanks for an excellent product!  I also evaluated the leading competitor's package,
and The Band Leader wins hands-down.
  Before The Band Leader, I had venues,
email fans, snail-mail fans, musicians, and our schedule in 5 different databases and
3 different programs.  The Band Leader integrates all of it into one package with a
consistent interface.  I'm saving a lot of time, and most importantly, nothing slips
through the cracks.  Thanks again, and keep up the good work!"
Rick Taormino
Band Leader
Vertigo Haze
"I want to take this time to let you know how happy I am with the recent purchase of
Bandleader software. I am the bandleader for two large groups. This program makes
being organized extremely easy.
You folks designed a nearly fool proof program that is laid out in a very
understandable format. I spend a few minutes and have all my gigs, finances,
expenses organized for me.
Now I have no excuse not to practice! My fellow band
mates appreciate that.
Now you guys need to work on a program that negotiates fees with club owners!
David Downer
Down and Dirty Entertainment, Inc.
"After researching several band management software programs, the Band Leader was the
only package that provided everything we needed to run our business professionally
and efficiently.
The tech support, website, and customer service at Band leader has
made trouble shooting and installation a breeze. They have thought of everything,
Luke Braa
Band Manager of
"Second Story Rising"
Band Leader is a great way to keep band paperwork in order. You can select musicians
from a pool, keep track of jobs and taxes with easy to track info. I would recomed this
product for any serious Band Leader. With some simple computer skills and data entry,
you can track the activity of all your financial and personel needs.  
Mark Hazzard
CEO, Gifted Child Music.
A support call helps a customer whose system failed during installation:
"Thanks Scott for calling me last night. After rebooting and reinstalling I was sucessful in running my new software.
I look forward to working with your product and am sure I made a good choice with your company. "

In a later communication:
"You have my permission to link and we would like to do the same to your site if it's ok. 
I've been running the software and we are all very impressed."

Richard Hall
The Band Leader Software has made my life a lot easier. I no longer have to scan through my calendars to see who made what and who played when and where. I don’t have to worry about important information getting lost. Come tax time, it takes me about 5 min. to get everything together at the end of the year. Performance lists, contracts , set lists and different ensembles are all so easy to access and prepare. This saved me so much time and headaches. I appreciate a software program that is made specifically for my profession. Terri Cee
CEO / Manager
Change of Heart, Inc.
"Thanks for all your help. I'm very interested in this program that's
why I want to know all about it. BTW, excellent customer support!...
You are on top of your game... I couldn't ask for more
:) "
Diana Cazessus
potential customer at that time
"The Band Leader is a great way to organize yourself as a musician and player.
It's easy to use, and a great time saver. Sure beats business cards, scraps of
paper, napkins, and the like as a way of keeping records; nice job!"
Juan Vega
jazz guitarist